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For Audi Q7 Multimedia System MMI control unit E380 bare board without navigation

  • code number: RTK034-1
  • Weight: 1000.000g
  • List Price: $0.00
  • Sale price: $125.00
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For Audi Q7 Multimedia System MMI control unit E380 bare board without navigation商品咨询

theo10 Said: 17-05-10 10:16
this board looks like it has navigation since it 8 buttons. My car does not have Nav and only has 2 buttons on each side.1 Car 2. Set Up 3. FM/AM 4. CD Do you have any pictures of a no nav board with 4 buttons for a 2007 Q7>
管理员[admin]Reply: 17-05-11 16:53
Hello dear friend,thanks for your inquiry. We have different model for this items. If possible send us your photo to check? Actually we confirm if it is suitable by as following: 1. the car model and year such as: A6,A6L(05-12),or Q7(05-09) 2. 2G,3G 3.your car photo Waiting to your reply soon. Shumatt Whatsapp id:+8618025309821 Skype:sales2_sumatt
jmclyea Said: 14-09-06 00:23
Is there a way to somewhat water proof this board prior to installation? Some sort of coating? I barely spilled anything and it fried the whole thing
管理员[admin]Reply: 14-09-11 10:26
Hi thank you for your messgae. We only provide the board for replacement, will not water proof this board. Regards Ruby
davidbenchtech Said: 14-01-17 04:58
How much is the board with navigation?
管理员[admin]Reply: 14-01-20 10:10
pls follow this link: http://www.densoautoac.com/product-1284.html
pettynz Said: 13-12-30 09:05
Hi there, Will this suit an Audi Q7 2006 3000cc TDI?. The Volume knob and selective knob have stopped working. Regards, Peter
管理员[admin]Reply: 13-12-30 16:47
Yes, I confirm this board will work with your Audi Q7 2006 3000cc TDI. Some of our customer meet the same problem, they solve it well by changing a new board. If your car without navigation, please choose the board without GPS.
donbruton Said: 13-10-23 22:24
Good day I would like know how long it would take to send this item to south africa
管理员[admin]Reply: 13-10-24 10:56
Good day, it will take about 5 working days by DHL