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Bitzer Refrigeration compressor Oil BSE55
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Bitzer Refrigeration compressor Oil BSE55

Bitzer refrigeration compressor oil BSE55,Huile pour machines Refrigeration

  • Itemcode: HKACO001
  • Weight.: 1.5 (Kg)
  • Item number: 1 L Bitzer refrigeration oil
  • Brand: BITZER
  • Unit: PC
  • List Price: $0.00
  • Our Price: $30.00

Bitzer compressor refrigeration oil BSE55

Bitzer Compressor refrigeration Oil has a key function in a refrigeration system because it contributes to ensure: Lubrication of the mobile parts of the compressor, evacuation of the heat due to frictions of the mobile parts, air tightness between the compression stages in rotative compressors.



1.  Easy description on bitzer refrigeration oil

2.  BSE55 bitzer improve compressor efficiency

3.  Bitzer oil control foam and reduces wear

4.  Resist water contamination by BSE55

5.  Bitzer lubricant resist heat and oxidation  

6.  Safety advantage of Bitzer compressor oil

7.  Bitzer BSE55 application recommendation

8.    Method for cleaning up in case leakage

9.    How to use bus AC compressor oil BSE55

10.  Attention of using bitzer cooling oil BSE55

11.  Bitzer compressor oil pictures display

1. Easy description on Bitzer refrigeration oil

Bitzer Compressor Oil Type




1. lubricant function

2. Cooling function

3. Sealing function

4. Supply Power for unloading device of compressor

5. Decrease compressor working noise


Mineral oil

Synthetic oil


environmental friendly refrigerant oil


1.Flexible Capacity: 1L or 5L


2.Chemical stability

3.Thermal Stability

4.Low Wax Content

5.99.99%purity, Low Pour Point

2. BSE55 bitzer improve compressor efficiency

Bitzer compressor Oil has low friction properties and resists viscosity increase from oxidation. It helps improve operating efficiency and saves money on electrical energy consumption.

3. Bitzer oil control foam and reduces wear

Bitzer compressor Oil contains anti-foam additives and, unlike some other compressor oils, is anti-wear fortified. Good foam control reduces heat, oxidation and wear. High contact regions are protected against wear for increased compressor life and efficiency.

4. Resist water contamination by BSE55

Water from condensation builds up in compressors and can cause unwanted oil/water emulsions, environmental discharge hazards and rust. Bitzer compressor oil is hydrolytically stable. It resists acid formation, readily separates from water and is anti-rust fortified. Water can be easily drained for simplified environmental discharge and increased oil life.

5. Bitzer lubricant resist heat and oxidation

Bitzer compressor Oil combines the inherent stability of premium synthetic base oils with specialized anti-oxidant additives to resist varnish, carbon and acid formation. It is formulated to protect compressors better and last longer in service than petroleum oils, especially during hot operating conditions.

6. Safety Advantage by bitzer compressor oil

Bitzer compressor Oil is an ashless, high-flash-point formulation with very low carbon-forming tendencies that minimizes the incidence of ignition-promoting hot spots.”While Bitzer compressor Oil can provide improved fire safety, it cannot be considered non-flammable.

7. Bitzer BSE55 application recommendation

Bitzer compressor Oil in the appropriate viscosity is recommended for use in single and multistage rotary screw, vane, centrifugal and reciprocating compressor crankcases and cylinders, vacuum pumps and other applications such as gears, bearings, blowers, pumps and handheld pneumatic tools. In compressor applications, drain intervals of 8,000 hours or more can be expected under normal operation. Drain intervals are subject to operating conditions and maintenance practices. Monitoring by oil analysis is recommended. For best performance when converting to Bitzer compressor Oil, it is recommended the compressor be drained of the old fluid prior to the installation of Bitzer compressor Oil. If carbon deposits are present on the internal components, it is recommended they be removed following the compressor manufacturer recommendations.

8. Method for cleaning up in case leakage

Prevent entry into sewers, water courses, basements or confined areas. Wash spillages

into an effluent treatment plant or proceed as follows. Contain and collect spillage with

non-combustible, absorbent material e.g. sand, earth, vermiculite or diatomaceous earth

and place in container for disposal according to local regulations.

Small spill: Dispose via a licensed waste disposal contractor. Contaminated absorbent material may pose the same hazard as the spilled product.

Large spill: Absorb with an inert dry material and place in an appropriate waste disposal container. Dispose via a licensed waste disposal contractor.

9. How to use bus AC compressor oil BSE55

l When overhauling the compressor, put the oil in the discharge manifold of the compressor.

l Use this oil only the applicable models in the repair manual

l Immediately after using oil, put on the cap completely

l Do not mix with other oil.

10. Attention of using bitzer cooling oil BSE55

The most important point to choose compressor oil is: the oil cannot have Walter or Mechanical impurities. Because Walter not only make evaporator pressure down, temperature up, but also will exacerbate oil chemical change and corrosion of metals. Walter will also lead to "copper plating phenomenon", make cooper parts effect with Freon then decomposition of copper, the copper will accumulate in the surface of bearings, valves and other parts.So it will be very important to choose pure compressor oil, so as to make your compressor work in good condition.

11. Bitzer compressor oil pictures display

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